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Campaign Goals

To make a viral content by utilizing Facebook as the only channel of communication reach to the mothers out there

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  • At present there is a shortage of natural gas in the households & gas supply will be stopped in households by 2025.
  • In many parts of the country & even within urban areas there are many families who are suffering from gas shortage or using the competitors' products as solution.
  • Mothers are the ones who take decisions or give opinions and the fathers of the families make the purchase
  • As Omera LPG is a kitchen solution, this territory is ruled by the home makers & housewives of the family but the problem was – “who talks about an LPG brand?”
  • Also the budget to initiate talkability was not enough, so the main communication focus would be on Facebook

We wanted the mother’s – both housewives & homemakers to know about the brand & emotionally connect it through Facebook.

Secondary Objective: After establishing an emotional attachment with the Mother’s re-marketing them to generate sales through digital leads on Facebook only. To sum up, we wanted to make a viral content by utilizing Facebook as the only channel of communication to reach the mothers out there

The Idea was to own the Mother’s day by delivering a unique yet relatable social message mitigating the perceptual disparity between a working & non-working mother by their children. We have a shallow perception regarding the house wives of the family that they are deemed less compared to the working mothers, as a result of this disparity the housewives suffer from inferiority complex. In order to address this social issue we landed a message through an AV that created history “সম্মান করি সকল মা-কে সমান ভাবে।”

We developed an AV showing it is the opinion of her children that matters most to a mother. We portrayed a beautiful story of a daughter who surprises her nervous mother with her (daughter) speech on an extempore speech competition on “My Mother” at the eve of mother’s day, who was nervous because of being a housewife compared to the mothers of other children in the auditorium. The people who watched more than 50% of the AV were remarketed with lead generation ads to deliver Omera LPG cylinder at their respective households with an aim to generate sales through this campaign

  • This video created milestone as the most viral content in the history of Bangladesh with 350K+ shares. This video was viewed by 15M audience among 30M audience that is more than 50% of the total audience on Facebook watched the video
  • The video experienced a record breaking reach of 25.45 million out of 30M total digital audience
  • More than 76% of which is Organic
  • A total of *% increase of LPG sales compared to the sales of last year through remarketing the audience who viewed the AV
  • Overall we owned the mother’s heart through this campaign & also the mother’s day by utilizing only one platform - Facebook