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Campaign Goals

To raise awareness of an environmental issue and give customers
an easy way to contribute to build a greener environment

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Usually the shopping bags are dumped by the road and it creates barriers to the drainage system along with road blockage. These consequences negatively affect the natural eco-system of the environment. Through “Bring Bag To Give Back” campaign, people were inspired to save the environment with an ‘easy to make’ contribution.

The primary objective of the campaign was to reduce environmental waste. The intention was to raise awareness of an environmental issue and give customers an easy way to contribute to build a greener environment.

Meena Bazar always provides shopping bags of different sizes for the convenience of the customers. Most of these bags are dumped by the roadside which pollutes the environment. So, the idea was to collect these used shopping bags from the customers in exchange of a cash back offer. The campaign was named “Bring Bag To Give Back” and its goal was to make a significant contribution towards an eco-friendly environment.

Our teaser post successfully attracted a great number of people towards this campaign and created a buzz in social media. A large group of people came forward to participate in reducing waste in the environment.

Our Campaign AV triggered more customers return their shopping bags and take advantage of the cash back offer. It gave a message why it’s so important to protect the environment. A detailed approach made it even easier to keep the customers well informed on how to make a social impact that can actually bring a difference.

Following the campaign AV, awareness posts further promoted the idea by simply putting up the mindset, that even such a small act could bring a big difference to the environment. The intention was to make people think, of a world where reusing shopping bags is an everyday job, so that they come forward and help us build a world exactly like that!

Through this campaign, customers got to know about how simply small steps can be used to make a big environmental impact. The campaign lasted for nearly three months. But even after it ended people came back to us with their shopping bags. The results were simple and nothing short of heart warming. Meena Bazar ended up having more than 500,000 contributors to its constructive idea, thus, making it a successful green campaign. A short-run promotional campaign turned into a sustainable environment-friendly habit.