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Campaign Goals

To make Lux Super Star the most talked about show of 2018 on digital

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    14.6 M


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    79.07M Min

    Watched (Highest total
    watch time for any UBL brand)

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    Higher Google CTR

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    Higher Video Completion
    rate than UBL average

This year Lux Super Star was coming back after a break of 3 years. Within this time digital media had grown to become a vital channel as more people are moving away from TV. So the challenge was how to make a reality show returning after a gap of three years relevant in the digital age.

At every stage of the campaign, the objective was to make Lux Super Star the most talked about show of 2018 on digital.

The idea was to create conversation around the show through clutter breaking creative ideas and formats on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

On Facebook, we created contents using all available formats like Cinemagraphs, Video Carousel, Collage Video and Canvas Ad. We tried new innovations like vertical videos and vertical mobile optimized trailers and Facebook polls app. During the Live broadcast of the finale we recorded and uploaded videos on Facebook within 10mins. We promoted the show on Instagram through photos and stories. We also placed Display Ads to drive viewership. We created YouTube specific content such as One take Q/A with our main judges, behind the scene videos of photoshoot and ramp walk. Throughout the campaign we produced 52 web exclusive videos. Alongside that we tapped into brand ambassador, celebrity and influencers channels to promote the show as well co-create new content related to the show for Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. By the time curtains closed on Lux Super Star, social media was abuzz with updates about the show.

We were able to reach quite a few milestones with this campaign. On Google CTR was 2x higher & Video completion rate was 5% higher than UBL Avg. On YouTube, the show received 14.6 million organic views and it had the highest watch time for any UBL brand with 79.07 million minutes watched. The videos were also added to playlist 18.48k times. By the end of the campaign the subscriber base had grown by 102.2k from Jan-May which is the highest growth during any UBL campaign so far. Overall the program had a PR value of 11.4 million which was the highest PR value in the history of UBL so far. On Facebook Lux Super Star had the highest reach in the history of Unilever with 70% reach in 4+ frequency.