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Campaign Goals

To be the key advocator of hygiene and spread awareness
about this important habit that can save lives

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    Growth Is Top of Mind Awareness

In Bangladesh, every year 45,000 children under the age of 5 die due to diarrhea alone. This is preventable with a simple act of hand washing. Skin cleansing category is a highly competitive market in Bangladesh and hygiene is the most commonly focused attribute. Lifebuoy is constantly striving to gain higher top of mind positioning and global hand washing day was the perfect opportunity for liquid hand washing brands to make a mark in the industry while being relevant and contextual.

"Although majority of the competitive brands in liquid hand wash category in Bangladesh were trying to achieve similar goals, Lifebuoy wanted to be the key advocator of hygiene and spread awareness about this important habit that can save lives. This required a highly integrated media deployment strategy to ensure maximum impact and reach. Digital media was one of the cheapest and most effective platforms to broaden the impact of this campaign and thus it needed to be carefully utilized incorporating diversity and suitability with each application."

This required lifebuoy to do something Big! Lifebuoy wanted to set a world record and ride on the hype of this event to build lifebuoy’s brand salience. During this time BPL was also on going and lifebuoy wanted to further amplify the campaign with popular cricket stars inspiring and educating the importance of hand washing. The whole communication needed a great deal of exposure on Digital for greater reach along with recognition and recall of the brand by customers.

"Over 11,157 children from all over Bangladesh came together to create the largest human image of a hand. Lifebuoy wanted to set a mark in the history and be officially recognized by Guinness to create the necessary impact. The initiative was captured on a video and further primarily amplified across multiple online platforms. This was also during the Bangladesh Premiere League (BPL) season, a special commercial was made with top cricketers to also share the message of handwashing which was aired in high frequency on YouTube Pre Roll and Television. Special multiple variation of #high5forHandwashing was trending on social media through celebrity endorsement posts and motivational videos from cricket players. When the biggest Bangladeshi cricket star, Shakib Al Hasan, hit the 5000 run mark during the campaign period, a contextual ad was placed on social media and print with Shakib showing 5 on his hand with a congratulation message. Social media was used pervasively as major celebrities joined in the movement by sharing stories telling when they High5! We promoted the message of how a simple act of hand washing can save lives using our Brand Ambassador Shakib Al Hassan. All the videos were optimized fully for mobile so that we could gain maximum visibility.

To gain more High5s through the digital platform, we used Facebook: Where users could screenshot a GIF giving a high5 & comment to give a High5 Instagram: Where one double tap was counted as a High5 GDN ads: Where each click counted as a High5 reading “Click to High5 Shakib” We even did an interactive activation using a Tablet and Giant LED Vans where school kids and mall goers could virtually High5 Shakib.  And for the first time in Bangladesh, we organized an interactive quiz using Press & Hold on Facebook. We also gave away Jerseys to fans who replicated our popular hand washing gesture (Communicated through previous OVCs using start players) on Facebook."

"All these activities ensured 250,000+ High5s and it broke all our previous records!

A world record was set which served as a symbol upholding lifebuoy and its vision towards saving more children. The campaign reached to over 61% of the target audience with a staggering growth of 22% in Top of Mind awareness. The news gained huge media coverage in over 17 online portals, along with other media channels generating a combined PR value of worth over 2.7 million BDT. In Goa Fest, the campaign received bronze for the Best Integrated Campaign Category in Rest of South Asia, Grand Prix in Best Use of PR and Gold in Best Integrated Campaign in Commwards 2018."