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To raise awareness of an environmental issue and give customers
an easy way to contribute to build a greener environment

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    Attar Perfume animation Reach

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    Attar Perfume animation Engagement

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    Attar Dual Screen Reach

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    Attar Dual Screen Engagement

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    Handwash Iftar Video Reach

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    Handwash Iftar Video Engagement

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    Handwash Salt Video Reach

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    Handwash Salt Video Engagement

It’s the age of multiple screens and in order to reach your target audience we needed to land our brand message in a clutter breaking and quick way. This is even more relevant during the time of Eid where all brands become highly active on digital media. Therefore the challenge was how to stand out and send a crisp message regarding Lifebuoy and its products.

Create content and land the brand message to our digital audience through contextual, bite sized and innovative contents

Deploy custom messages relevant to the time of Ramadan and Eid and land them in innovative ways.

We carried out the executions of Attar and Hand wash in two different ways.

For Lifebuoy Attar soap we played with innovative formats. We deployed a cinemagraph where it is shown that a bottle of Attar perfume dissolves and morphs into a Lifebuoy Attar soap. Then as a follow up after Eid we posted a dual-screen animation video where the two protagonists from the TVC are seen in the top screen and in the bottom screen a scent trail of Attar is going up to distract them. This is the scene in a setting which mimics the Facebook homepage

For Lifebuoy handwash we decided to work on capturing relatable scenarios with tailor-made messages. During Ramadan and Eid time women love watching recipe videos for inspiration to cook something new. Keeping that insight in mind we created two 6 second videos illustrating relatable scenarios and conveyed the importance of washing hands before doing such tasks. We also ran 6 second bumper ads with the videos on YouTube whenever anyone wanted to watch cooking videos.

The Attar dual screen animation was the first of its kind dual screen animation that caught the attention of a lot of people and brands alike. So much so that this format was replicated by other brands. Attar Perfume animation:

Reach: 1,460,399
Engagement: 10,978
Attar Dual Screen
Reach: 5,596,447
Engagement: 129,181

Handwash Iftar Video:
Reach: 5,671,276
Engagement: 29,032
Handwash Salt Video:
Reach: 549,984
Engagement: 6,321