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Creating awareness and talk-ability on bKash customer app

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Generally, the MFS category is perceived as a problem solver with high functional connect; it is majorly seen as a money sending service provider.

Also, bKash is perceptually a problem-solving brand - a ‘friend in need’ and USSD as a platform is seen as less convenient and perceptually lacks modernity and innovation.

Hence, the introduction of bKash customer app – with the vision of making bKash future-proof.

The communication task was to Create strong emotional connect with meaningful difference for bKash and Position bKash as a smart and convenient solution provider that makes life simple.

Create content and land the brand message to our digital audience through contextual, bite sized and innovative contents

The idea was to listen to the consumer first, understand their sentiment and needs and then provide the best possible mobile financial service solution to them. And while communicating the app features and offerings, the “simplicity” route was always opted for. The vision was to establish bKash app as the most simplified financial solution and in the process establish bKash as an aspiring brand.

  • We published stories on mobile finance and QR code payment on 5 leading online newsportals to generate conversation and make people realize the ease and security of such financial service.
  • After that, 5 social experiment videos were made and published to give the customer a feel that bKash has listened to their demands and building the app based on their feedback.
  • In continuation to that, we launched the sign-up portal for bKash app to give early access to those who showed most enthusiasm to get the app. They were given the app download links before 1 week of the app launch and there were added incentives based on highest number of transactions with bKash app.
  • Since the app launch, we started Universal App Campaign on Google and Facebook app installs campaign. Various contextual banners and feature-centric and offer-centric communications were deployed.
  • We created “bKash App users of Bangladesh” Facebook group to ensure a controlled environment to solve any customer problems/confusion regarding bKash app.
  • We made 9 contextual how-to videos to demonstrate how to perform various functions of the app.
  • To ensure continuous app usage, immediately after the launch there came Ramadan payment campaign where there was 25% instant cashback offer upon payment with bKash app.
  • To establish bKash app as the next “talk of the town” we developed KOL endorsement videos featuring Ayman Sadiq, Toya and Tinker Jannat.
  • Readership of the fintech stories on the online news portal were around 5 lacs
  • bKash page engagement rose by 91% from pre-app launch to post-app launch period till June
  • The daily sign up limits were filled up within 5-10 minutes. Total 6250 people signed up for bKash app. The KPI was met by spending less than 10% of the allocated budget as people were organically signing up for the app.
  • Social experiment videos got - Reach: 4.4 M, Video Views: 3.2M, Engagement: 3.3M, Impressions: 12.7M on FB and Video Views: 1.1M on YouTube.
  • Till date “bKash App Users of Bangladesh” Facebook group has 8,236 group members, 1,111 group posts, 10,009 comments, 17,441 reactions in the group without any promotion whatsoever.
  • App review video by Android ToTo Company organically garnered 106,600+ views and 5.9K+ Likes on Youtube.
  • And without costing a single penny the how-to videos got 150K+ views, 600K+ reach, 100K+ engagements on Facebook and 50K+ Views and 600+ Likes on YouTube.
  • In the Ramadan payment campaign, on Facebook we got - Impressions: 60M, Reach: 9M, Engagement: 530K and on Google we got - Impressions: 36M, Clicks: 133K. Total 585,441 payments were made via bKash app during the campaign.
  • With our continuous optimization and monitoring, we achieved 4 Million App install and 2 Million active app users in just 2 months with a CPI which is one third (1/3) of the market standard.
  • App campaign other important result metrics - Impressions: 158M, reach: 13M, clicks: 4.9M on Facebook App installs campaign and Impressions: 607M, Clicks: 6.7M, Conversions: 1.8M on Google Universal App Campaign.