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Campaign Goals

To increase website traffic and to use innovative ad and engagement tools in Facebook

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    19.4 M

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    4.2 M

    Engagement in Facebook

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    product sold from aarong.com

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    sales driven from Facebook

Boishakh is the biggest cultural festival in the country, celebrated by all. Aarong has always been a popular shopping destination for Boishakh ensembles and paraphernalia. For all the fashion brands in Bangladesh, Boishakh has always inherently portrayed a traditionally Bengali outlook, be it in terms of creative execution or overall communication. This creates a confusion in terms of differentiating between the different brand ommunications. Aarong has been a pioneer in creating a unique Boishakh persona every year that separates them from other brands’ communication.

This time around, we wanted to maintain this unique approach and take things up a notch through the creative execution, both in terms of production and communication. Bangladesh is predominantly Facebook centric as a nation. With 32 million people on Facebook and over 23 million interested in fashion, we knew a solid Facebook campaign was the key to actualize our vision.

So keeping this goal in mind, we set out to craft the biggest Boishakh fashion campaign in Facebook in Bangladesh!

1. Atleast 30% increase in website traffic, 40% from Facebook

2. Atleast 50% increase in new customers for aarong.com (compared to monthly average for new customer acquisition)

3. Atleast 1,000 online purchases in total, gain at least 40% of total sales conversion from Facebook

4. Attain a Reach vs. Engagement ratio of at least 10% for Facebook overall and at least 12% for Facebook remarketing

5. Use innovative ad and engagement tools in Facebook

Create a fusion between colorful traditional attires with modern bold outlook for the photoshoot and AV as well as drive consumer engagement both through Facebook engagement tools and sales offers to gain maximum sales conversion.

The campaign started with a overall photoshoot of the boishakh collection which was fusion driven,consisting a subcontinental converge along with accessories shoot keeping in tune to the overall collection. We also developed an AV showcasing the collection that matched with a theatrical flair,unique hairstyles to make the consumers stand out in order to reflect the festival theme. A series of facebook lives were hosted featuring a fashion show where Azra Mahmood elaborated the designs,themes,inspirations and gave tips on different outlooks along with responding to the queries of the audience. Therefore,we placed "SHOP NOW" or "LEARN MORE" buttons which redirected to the product page on the site with a simple click and maintained an updated SHOP section to tag the products in the posts. We created the first ever story filter for a fashion brand in Bangladesh featuring a 3D floral headgear that fits onto the head when the camera detects any face. We also ran promo offers through ‘Boishakh Shop & Fly’ where the highest shopper wins around trip Business class ticket to any European destination operated by Etihas Airways and 15% discount on Aarong membership ID was also provided. We created an interactive Facebook Canvas for Aarong Boishakh collection with shopping links that redirects to the e-commerce page. We also created a collection ad that highlighted the campaign AV and featured products with the prices along with messenger Ads to gain maximum audience reach through using dynamic Ads. Articles were also released online introducing the Boishakh collection and offers and were shared in Facebook and in different facebook groups to gain the maximum audience awareness. To reach more consumers,we generated PR in 16 Facebook groups with a total of 1.2 Million Members.

19.4 Million Reach, 4.2 Million Engagement in Facebook.

Achieved a reach vs. engagement ratio of 22% for Facebook, 25% for remarketing

1601 product sold from aarong.com, 701 from Facebook alone (43%)

67% increase in Users, including 69% new users (Comparing to Boishakh 2016)

Maximum utilization of Facebook tools.

And thus we crafted the biggest Boishakh Fashion Campaign in Bangladesh through Facebook!